Final Plank on the Bottom

The final plank being vacuum bagged on the bottom.

There’s not really too much to say.  With this final forward plank, the planking of the bottom is complete.

As you can see from the glue squeeze out on these planks, there’s a lot of sanding in my future.  But I’ll mark the load waterline before I do too much, because below that the bottom will be painted.  So I can use fairing compound to help me in that area.

Detail of the flat at the stem. I’ll cap this to cover the end grain and ease the edges.

Nelson Zimmer called for a 1-7/8 inch flat on the bottom of the keel, tapering to 1/2 inch wide at the stem.  So I cut the flat a little deeper to account for the 3/16 inch thickness of the cap I’ll glue on to cover any end grain that would otherwise be exposed.

Then I’ll grab hold of my sanding blocks, set some good music on the stereo, and begin!

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  1. Hi Tim, how did you cut the flat on the bottom of the keel so it’s not only the correct width but also level and square to the center line? It looks nicely done!

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