Xantrex Freedom 20 Repair

Charred input connection for Xantrex Freedom 20 inverter-charger

I recently got a call to diagnose and repair a Xantrex Freedom 20 inverter-charger.  An inverter-charger is a dual purpose machine that can either charge your batteries using shore power, or create AC power from your batteries while you’re away from shore power.  What’s more, it can share your shore power feed between whatever you want to use it for on the boat and the battery charger, giving some power to each.  So you can charge your batteries and enjoy using your air conditioner while making margaritas with your blender! Continue reading “Xantrex Freedom 20 Repair”

Add A Windlass to a SeaRay Sundancer–part 2

Windlass for SeaRay Sundancer
The finished “bowsprit” with windlass, anchor and anchor roller.

In my last post I talked about the plan for adding a windlass to a medium sized powerboat, a 2008 SeaRay 240 Sundancer.  If you missed it, you can read more about it here.  When we left off, I was fabricating a platform to fit where the lid for the anchor locker is.  There’s a recessed gutter around the opening that’s ideal for a trapezoidal frame that supports the platform. Continue reading “Add A Windlass to a SeaRay Sundancer–part 2”

A Windlass for a 2008 SeaRay Sundancer-part 1

Fitting the frame for the bow pulpit.

Not too long ago, a customer came in needing a windlass installed on his SeaRay Sundancer.  Luckily, he had some excellent plans for how he wanted it done.  He wanted to take the lid off the anchor locker and fabricate a piece to fit over it that protrudes enough from the bow to stow the anchor.  Sort of like a mini-bow pulpit.  This was a great project for my shop because it encompasses a variety of skills, all of which I’m pretty good at, even if I do say so myself.   Continue reading “A Windlass for a 2008 SeaRay Sundancer-part 1”

Fuse block: New Safety Measure

A Fuse Block is a safety feature that should be installed on any restoration.
A Fuse Block is a safety feature that should be installed on any restoration.

In 1949 Chris Craft did not, as a routine, install several safety features that are today considered standard equipment.  We’ve already discussed installing a bilge pump and an engine compartment blower.  Now I’d like to show you the fuse block I installed for this 1949 Chris Craft 17 ft. Deluxe Runabout.  No electrical system, marine or otherwise, should ever be contemplated without some form of circuit protection.  Circuit protections is just that—it’s there to protect the circuit from electrical overload.  That means the conductors (wires) as well as the appliances. Continue reading “Fuse block: New Safety Measure”