Anchor Locker Update for Swan Point 19

A mahogany anchor bracket.
Anchor locker update
Anchor hatch opening installed with anchor bracket inside.

The Swan Point 19 is a great boat, but a small update makes accessing the anchor much easier.  We added a hatch opening to the foredeck and added a mahogany bracket to hold the anchor. Continue reading “Anchor Locker Update for Swan Point 19”

Swan Point 19 Sole Repair

Screw holes were sealed to prevent the problem from recurring.
3/4 plywood and glass patch for a soft spot in the sole
New patch of 3/4 marine plywood and glass is the right fix for a soft spot in the sole of a Swan Point 19 center console.

It’s not uncommon for a boat to develop soft spots in the sole  around the console.  Any unsealed penetration, like a console hold-down screw hole, will allow water intrusion.  This boat has a fiberglass-over-plywood sole.  So once the water gets to the plywood, it will eventually rot. Continue reading “Swan Point 19 Sole Repair”