1949 Chris Craft 17 ft. Deluxe Runabout

2012-04-18_port side fwdThe current project for Ashley River Boatworks is a 1949 Chris Craft 17 ft. Deluxe Runabout. This boat will receive a new bottom, upholstery, cockpit ceiling, and engine rebuild, and be completely refinished. It’s a long road, starting with a lot of research and investigation into how it was done originally at the factory. A good resource for this is the national Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA. They have an extensive archive of Chris Craft drawings, literature and marketing material. The original lines drawings were available for this project from the museum. I’ve actually been working on this boat for some time, and will be trying to catch up with posts on progress that has been made. By the way, did you notice anything funny about that bow light?


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