Lines Drawing for 1949 Chris Craft
Lines Drawing for 1949 Chris Craft

One of the first things I did when starting this project was research it.  I found to my surprise that plans are available for many old Chris Craft boats.  As a matter of fact, Chris Craft donated their archives to the National Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA.  The have a great website here:

So I ordered what they had, which was pretty extensive, from line drawings and plans to owner’s manuals, to marketing material.  They even had a copy of the “hull card” which is the factory data sheet that tells you what options my boat originally came with.  Pretty cool stuff.  It was fun reading through the engine manual.  I enjoyed their emphasis on using “oil of good character and quality”.  That’s something that can’t be overstated, but is pretty much taken for granted today–apparently no so much in 1949 when this boat was born.

I”ve uploaded a picture of the Lines Drawing of this boat, with some of my measurement scribblings.  The boat had retained much of its original shape with only a little hogging (sagging at the front and/or back end).

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