Bummer Dude!–Redoing the Topsides Again

Fiberglass print through
You can see the fiberglass print through here. I’ll have to take a class in this to learn how to get it right.

I never did get the fiberglass to work to my satisfaction on the topsides.  I tried again with smaller batches in cooler weather, but still got the fiberglass veil I spoke of in my earlier post.  So I stripped it off again, decided not to stain the boat but just let the natural woodgrain show, and moved on.

A man’s got to know his limitations.
                                                                                           –Dirty Harry



2 Replies to “Bummer Dude!–Redoing the Topsides Again”

  1. What a bummer! A really tricky process by the look of it….you’ve convinced me not to try it on mine.
    Who would argue with Clint Eastwood !!

    1. Thanks Chris.
      I know it can be done. There are guys who make strip planked canoes that do a beautiful job. Of course it’s a little smaller area, but I think I’ll have to take a lesson from one of them on how to do it. It just would be such superior protection for the boat.
      Oh well, next boat…

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