Add A Windlass to a SeaRay Sundancer–part 2

Windlass for SeaRay Sundancer
The finished “bowsprit” with windlass, anchor and anchor roller.

In my last post I talked about the plan for adding a windlass to a medium sized powerboat, a 2008 SeaRay 240 Sundancer.  If you missed it, you can read more about it here.  When we left off, I was fabricating a platform to fit where the lid for the anchor locker is.  There’s a recessed gutter around the opening that’s ideal for a trapezoidal frame that supports the platform.

Frame for Windlass Platform being fit
You can see how the frame fits the existing opening for the anchor locker

You can see the frame in the picture to the left.







Cutting the deck camber into the frame
Using the old lid to get the deck camber for the new frame

Now making that frame fit the boat was a bit of a trick.  I was able to get the outer dimensions from the lid. That lid also came in handy for measuring the curve of the deck.





Fairing compound on the platform
Fairing compound gives a smooth finish once it has been sanded.

After Igot the frame fit, and the top of the platform fastened to it, I encased the top of the platform in fiberglass to toughen it up and make it more waterproof.  Then I applied fairing filler and sanded to a smooth surface.  Then it was time for two coats of primer paint, and it took 4 topcoats to get the luster and depth of color I was looking for.

Underside of the platform
Underside of the platform with the windlass and wiring connections.

Finally it was time to add the hardware and install it on the boat.  That’s a pretty straightforward task, but you’d be surprised how sealing all the holes with marine goop can complicate (or at least make a mess of) things.  I like BoatLife’s LifeSeal for this task.





Finished windlass platform
You can see the line securing the anchor to the deck cleat on the right. Also notice the deck plate for access to the locker to untangle any fouled lines.

Voila!  The finished product looks like it came from the factory!  Notice the bow lights on either side of the anchor at the forward end of the bowsprit.  We had to relocate the bow lights because the old location was used for support of the outboard end of the platform.

As always, feel free to comment, ask questions, or just contact us or drop by.  I love talking about boats to anyone who will listen!  You can also subscribe with the button on the right.




Bowsprit for SeaRay
Notice the block for support that lands where the old nav light was.

14 Replies to “Add A Windlass to a SeaRay Sundancer–part 2”

  1. I’m interested in you building the same for my 2007 Searay 240. Please let me know if that is something you are willing to tackle?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Bruce,
      As you know, this was a custom job on a boat I had access to in my shop. There was a fair bit of custom fitting to make sure the final piece fit the existing anchor locker opening. I could get some of the information I need from your anchor locker lid, but I still wouldn’t be able to fit the piece to the gutters in your anchor locker opening as I did this one. I would have to have the boat to do that. So, unfortunately I don’t think I can do it without access to your boat.

      Thanks very much for your interest. Feel free to use my blog as a starting point for a local craftsman that you might hire.


      1. Hi Tim,

        Bruce again with the 240 Searay in Cali.
        I cannot find anyone to tackle building a bow pulpit for my 240. Mine is the same boat you built the other one for. If you were willing to tackle the project and build to the exact specs as the one in your blog
        I’m sure it will fit. If your willing, please let me know a price? I can pay in advance assuming your willing.

        Thanks! Bruce

      2. Tim I would be interested in taking a trip to bring my boat to you on my trailer to get this built. Please call me at (817) 705-4108 so we can make arrangements. Then you can keep one back as a template. Thanks Shane Parish

        1. Hi Shane,
          Just give me a call at 843 789 0511. We can discuss where you’re coming from and when would be a good time for you to bring it by.

  2. I have a 2008 searay 240 sundancer. I would like to know if you are interested in building the same exact one you did. I live in long Island ny. Please let me know. Thank you. My number is 631 398 7402.


  3. Hi Mike,
    Sorry to be so late in getting back to you.
    I wish I had saved more pattern material from this install because then I might be able to help you. But as you can tell from the post, it was a custom fit job, and I didn’t save the pattern. So without access to the boat, I can’t be sure it would fit properly. I’m sorry to have to turn you down.

  4. Have you done anymore of this? Did you save the template? Just re visiting the topic. Let me know. Mike

  5. Wow you are doing a wonderful job Tim. If I had a sea ray I would lbe interested in asking you to build another one for my boat. I have a web directory so would you mind if I add your site to my directory?

  6. Tim, Love the work you did. I have a couple of questions. You said you removed the bow light to use the area for support. do you have a picture on how you used that area for supporting the outboard portion of the Windlass ? Also, how did you secure the platform to the old anchor locker. I see all the screws, did you just drill into the existing lip or did you re-enforce the boat ?

    1. Hi George,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      I’ve added a picture at the end of the post showing the block that supports the outboard end of the bowsprit and how it lands on the old nav light seat on the deck. As to the fasteners, it’s through bolted. I used washers and blocks under the deck to spread the load.

  7. Tim! Thank you so much for posting this! I was hesitant to tackle this on my own, but with your detailed posts I feel like I have a chance of making this work. I have a 1997 240 Sundancer, and dropping/pulling up anchor is my least favorite part of boating.

    1. Hi Courtney,
      Thanks for the compliment. I’ve had other people tell me they’ve done it too. As a matter of fact, one guy is just finishing this project right now. Good luck. Keep me posted on your progress.


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