Cold Molding the Next Layer


Vacuum bagging 2nd layer of planking on the Palm Beach 22
Vacuum bagging the second layer of planking on the Palm Beach 22

Having completed the 1st layer of planking, and being careful to edge glue each plank, we had to make sure we had an air tight surface for pulling a good vacuum.  So we rolled on a coat of neat epoxy and then followed that with a scrape-fill of epoxy thickened to the consistency of mayonnaise.

Sealing with epoxy
Jake seals the first layer of planking with a coat of epoxy.

This layer is 6 inch wide planks of 1/8 inch Alaskan yellow cedar.  They are laid at about a 45 degree angle opposite that of the first layer.  Each layer alternates direction.

Once you start mixing glue, you have no more than two hours to get everything in place and get the clamping pressure of the vacuum on it.  We lay everything out in place and work quickly, doing about 1/2 of a side at a time.

Cold molded boat building
Jake cleans up the section that was glued the day before.

The vacuum stays on overnight and the next morning, it’s time to clean that up and glue the section we fit the previous morning.  You fall into a rhythm dictated by the epoxy and keep plugging away.

5 Replies to “Cold Molding the Next Layer”

  1. Do you staple the planks with the thickened epoxy into position before setting up the vacuum bag and applying vacuum? Looks like a lot to get done quickly. Welldone!

    1. You’re right. It’s definitely an operation that you plan ahead of time. I give myself 2 hours from mixing glue to bag on and vacuum applied. As the days get cooler, I’ll have more time and can cover a larger area. It’s also great to have some extra hands to help out!

      1. Hi Tim, nearly the end of 2021. Good thing!
        Keen to see how your palm beach 22 build is progressing.
        Here in Australia I’m fitting the chine logs, shear clamps and battens. Great to see the boat taking shape at last!!
        Any updates welcome.

        1. Hi Chris,
          It’s not like I haven’t been working. But as you’ll see in the new post and the one to follow, there has been a little to work through in getting the process down. Things should move forward at a reasonable clip now for awhile.
          As always, I appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words.

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