Flipping the HiLiner

Boat flipping rig
This is my boat flipping rig. The boat always rotates easily to this sideways position. Getting it to finish turning over takes a little more pulling.

Having re-established the shape of the hull for the 1958 HiLiner, it’s time to flip the boat over so I can get to the outside of the bottom and remove the rotten spots and fix the leaks.   When I was in boat school, we assembled all the students in the school and manhandled the 22 ft. boat we were building to turn it over.  I think we had about 50 people to turn that boat over.  This contraption I have now allowed two men to flip this boat.

I use a couple of gantry cranes rigged with chain falls that hold some special bearings to suspend a 1-1/2 inch iron pipe.  I then pass a couple of 4 inch load straps over the pipe and under the bottom of the boat.  I can lift the boat, remove the trailer, and rotate the boat 180 degrees.

1958 HiLiner ready for bottom work
Taped off and ready for stripping.

Now she’s upside down on some stands, ready for me to start stripping it so I can see what I’ve got to deal with under that paint.

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