Lumber for the Palm Beach 22

Many different kinds of lumber will be used in building the Palm Beach 22.

Of course, once you decide to build a boat, you’ve got to have materials.  In our case, the main material is wood–all different kinds.  We’re using Sipo, a kind of African Mahogany for the frames, planking, and cockpit woodwork.  Fir will be used for longitudinal members like the.  We’ll also use fir to laminate the curved pieces like the stem, keel, and chines.  Deck framing will be of Sitka Spruce.  And Alaskan Yellow Cedar will be used to build the cold-molded hull.

All the lumber for a project like this is rough cut, and sourced and priced by the board foot.

Fir is in the foreground of this picture.

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