Making a Shim to Mount Hardware

One of the projects in refurbishing the Key West Sportsman is installing a new trolling motor.  And of course there’s a mounting block for quick release of the motor.  I call it a puck.  At any rate, the deck of the boat where this puck will be mounted isn’t level, and it needs to be bolted securely without warping it.  That means we need to make a custom shim.

Mounting block for trolling motor needs a shim
You can see the gap under the front edge of this mounting block.

So here you see how there’s quite a gap under the mounting block.  I’ve taped up the puck with packing tape to keep it from sticking to the epoxy I’m going to use to make the shim.




Thickened epoxy for the shim
Slather on the thickened epoxy. Apply it liberally.

First step is to tape everything off, deck and hardware, and squirt an ample amount of thickened epoxy in your shim space.





Uncured epoxy
Uncured epoxy after removing the squeeze out.

Put the hardware into position and remove squeeze out.  Then walk away until tomorrow.






Finished shim
Finished custom shim ready to be put in place with sealant

And finally, the finished product.  Now wasn’t that easy?

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