De-Watering the Key West 1900 CC

A vacuum pump comes in handy to see if there is any water intrusion in this 20 year old hull.

Last time I talked about weighing the boat to determine if it had gotten water in the foam core.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t an issue, but then an opportunity presented itself to make sure.  So this is how I did it.

In the process of cleaning and de-greasing the bilge, I took out the auxiliary oil tank for the 2 stroke outboard, and I took out a broken battery tray to replace it.  Both of these had been screwed down to the sole of the bilge, and it looked like the sealant around the screws had failed.  I suspected after 20 years, some water had gotten in these holes.

A vacuum bag over several screw holes in the sole of the bilge.

So I broke out the vacuum pump and slapped a vacuum bag over the holes.  After about 7 hours, I had extracted only about a quart of water.  That was great news!  Very little for a 20 year run!

I decided to take it a step further and drill a couple of holes in the bottom.  I felt the foam inside these 7/8″ holes and only felt a little dampness in the port side.  I hooked up the vacuum pump a second time and got about a teaspoon this time.  Excellent.

Now, I’ll seal the holes with epoxy and feel great about being certain there was no water intrusion problem in this hull!

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