Sadie the Wonderdog Oversees the Shop

Sadie is one of my best advisors
Sadie is one of my best advisors

I’ve briefly mentioned Sadie before in here.  But I’ve been advised that I should devote a little more time and mention to this all-important member of the crew.  Sadie is of the Mutt breed.  We adopted her from the Charleston Animal Society a little over a year ago.  She’s about a year and a half old now, is smarter than she let’s on most of the time, and is the social ambassador of Ashley River Boatworks.  She’s great friends with all of the other folks in the building complex where the shop is located here in Charleston, SC, USA.

She especially enjoys visiting with the schoolchildren Isaiah and Malaysia who check in with her most mornings while waiting for their bus.  She also loves running over to visit with the guys next door when they’re practicing their karate moves.  And she supervises the loading and unloading of the trucks for a nearby landscaping business.  In between, she consults with me on the best approach to take on repairs and projects in the shop.  Usually we find that the best way is to do it right the first time and not cut corners.  You only end up paying for “quick and cheap” over and over in the long run.  Most of the time we agree on how to handle a particular problem, but when she doesn’t agree with something I’ve done, she just finds a way to chew it up when I’m not looking.

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  1. While visiting Ashley River Boatworks, I myself have been graciously welcomed by Miss Sadie, who is, most assuredly, a wonderdog. I’m so glad to know she has on eye on what’s happening in the shop there. Someone has to keep that surly crew in line.

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